Luke Dempsey’s fact-filled guidebook, Club Soccer 101

Luke Dempsey’s fact-filled guidebook, Club Soccer 101, serves as a proper and often humorous introduction to the beautiful game.

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Luke Dempsey’s fact-filled guidebook, Club Soccer 101, serves as a proper and often humorous introduction to the beautiful game.

Those closest to the business of soccer are quickly learning that as the sport grows domestically so does the need for more outlets to display fanhood. Currently, the American fan is still riding the World Cup wave. The MLS recently signed bilingual broadcast deals with Univision, Fox Sports, and ESPN. The Seattle Sounders and other domestic clubs are effortlessly selling out every game. Franchises are planned in NYC, Orlando, Atlanta, Miami, and elsewhere to add to the existing 19 MLS memberships. Many more marquee players opting to finish their career in the MLS over the top European leagues – soccer in the USA is primed for rapid expansion. This is a key indicator that not only soccer is here to stay – but that there’s significant money involved. From a business sense that means that soccer is in high demand. Luke Dempsey’s book Club Soccer 101 The Essential Guide to the Stars, Stats, and Stories of 101 of the Greatest Teams in the World serves as a proper introduction of the green US soccer fan to the beautiful game. Soccer fans in America are sophisticated. They understand the game, really well. “Its time for the sophisticated fans to understand these teams”, Dempsey told me in our recent interview.

Dempsey [no relation to superstar player Clint Dempsey] is an author and journalist who has written about soccer for a wide range of publications, including the New Republic, Capital New York, The New York Observer, and Howler. He is originally form England and now resides in New Jersey, where is a proud NY Red Bulls fan and season-ticket holder.

Club Soccer 101, as the name suggests is not about international soccer. According to Dempsey, he didn’t want it to get lost in all the noise and clutter surrounding the recent World Cup. By design, he opted to release the book this September where American fans are very much still enamored with soccer. The book release also strategically intersects many club league seasons. Club Soccer 101, is positioned to help transition American fans from soccer fans once every four years into annual and consistent fans.

“I hope people love the stories, its not just stats, its the whole culture of the sport” said Dempsey. “Soccer is a very old sport globally” the author reminds us. Naturally the sport has many intricate and often humorous stories. “I feel that engages fans and that’s a good thing.”

This is Dempsey’s third book and as he describes it is for “the burgeoning soccer lovers in America, which has really taken off in the last few years.” The book is formatted into separate essays – each “give background stories, some funny stuff, some memoirs, a bit about the players, and more from the top 101 clubs in the world so next time you watch a premiership game, or attend an MLS game, you know a little bit more about what you are watching” Dempsey said.

“I think sports books when well done can be a great outlet for whatever message, they go beyond sports and talk about people. That’s what I wanted Club Soccer 101 to accomplish. Its not just soccer stories, but stories of human beings and the growth of the game” said Dempsey.

Dempsey urges readers not to take sports too seriously. This refreshing change of pace may just be the secret sauce to morph the green American soccer fan into a veteran football enthusiast. Club Soccer 101 is available anywhere books are sold.

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