Q&A – Andoni Burrarena, Head of Sports YAHOO! US Hispanics

Q&A – Andoni Burrarena, Head of Sports YAHOO! US Hispanics

Content produced for Ivy Sports Symposium

Head of Sports Yahoo! US Hispanics, Andoni Biurrarena, is responsible for producing content to entertain the Hispanic market’s diverse cultural groups, all with divergent interests. We sat down with the previous Editorial Director of ESPN Deportes Magazine, for discussion on this unique challenge and more. (A detailed biography of Andoni Biurrarena is provided after the Q&A)


Ivy Sports Symposium [TANNER SIMKINS]: What led you to your current position with Yahoo! Sports?

Andoni Burrarena: Most notably, I was Editorial Director of ESPN Deportes La Revisita

ISS: Describe the US Hispanic market in one word. How about the Latin American market?

AB: Passion. The market is passionate about international soccer and Mexican soccer. US Hispanics and Latin Americans have the same interest for International soccer. Then, it is important to recognize that each smaller market also follows their local soccer league.

ISS: What is your favorite part of working within the US Hispanic market?

AB: The great part is that the US Hispanic market is very complex and it has its own unique personalities. You need to create content that will attract all the different cultural groups in the space. It is a welcomed challenge to publish content interesting enough for a Mexican, Central American and South American all to enjoy, for example.

ISS: How can marketers or advertisers tap into this sector?

AB: They have to respect the Latino fans and provide support high-quality content.

ISS: What sport is growing the fastest for Yahoo! US Hispanics?


ISS: What’s your favorite book, sports business or otherwise?

AB: Unfortunately, there are not many great sport specific books related to the US Hispanic market. I do, however, like to read Rafael Ramos of ESPN Deportes.

ISS: Any tips for aspiring sports professionals who may be reading this?

AB: The US Hispanic market is a growing market but we do not typically attract the ideal type of qualified young professionals. We need more prepared and passionate talent committed to work in the Hispanic Sports segment.


Andoni Biurrarena currently serves as Head of Sport of Yahoo Deportes and has done so since May 2012. Prior to this, he was of Editorial Director of ESPN Deportes La Revista since August 2006.

In the past, he also has worked as Sport Editor at El Mundo America and Assistant Managing Editor at Univision Deportes.

Biurrarena, a Montreal native, graduated from the University of Navarra with a degree in journalism.


Content produced for Ivy Sports Symposium

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